Our mission

Every week we seem to face a new report that talks about the plight of women and girls in this country for example:

  • One in four girls have depression by the time they hit 14, study reveals.

        The Guardian Sept 2017

  • UK girls are becoming more unhappy, often feeling ugly and worthless:

        (The Childrens Society) August 2016 

  • Girls across the UK are being failed, facing sexual harassment on-line and in schools: (Plan UK)  2016

This is not something that FFS finds acceptable. Future Female Society is the beginnings of a movement, hell, maybe even a revolution!

We will take practical steps to raise aspirations and combat underachievement. To support and cultivate creative women who will assist each other. Who will develop themselves to be the best they can be and help each other to instigate social change. 

How will FFS achieve this? 

Our experience shows that people are at their most creative and conscious when they are collaborative, so bringing people together is a key element of FFS. The best way to raise aspirations is by bringing together women from all walks of life; women who are getting their strive on already, working with those who are ready to achieve.

Through our specifically adapted programmes we develop essential life/work skills such as communication and presentation; and alongside we develop participants' confidence and self-belief. 


Creating a supportive cohort of learners through facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise from one group of inspiring creative and kick ass women to another brings transformative change. 

The society in FFS is crucial -  SOCIETY: 'an organised group of persons associated together for a purpose'. We hope you'll be part of helping us build a better future NOW.

Our mission can be summed up in a few short sentences. We want to build a Future Female Society in which women and girls in our community:

  • have self-esteem, self belief and feel worthy

  • have the fight to abolish any inequalities that currently exist.

  • have the confidence to achieve their aspirations and to reach any goal they set themselves