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Girls, Where You At? is an exciting programme for 12-19 year old girls, using media to build confidence and aspiration. Over the course of the 10 week programme the girls learn new skills in radio, music and video production, music, performance, poetry, animation, the opportunities are endless!

The girls gain confidence and build friendships whilst learning new skills and having a brilliant time. The programme will hopefully give them lessons they can use for the future and maybe help some with an interest in a career in media, radio or the arts.

The girls have recently been taking part in a Youth Leadership Award with partners Volunteering Matters and #IWILL which is leading to exciting opportunities and events! 

If this interests you and you would like to know more please get in touch by clicking the button below



Who Are Girls Where You AT?
Press PLAY to find out!


The programme helped with my self-esteem and confidence to learn how to speak to new people


I learnt how to use radio software and plan a radio show and how to interview someone. GWYA helped me learn new social skills such as talking to new people.


It made me cry so much to see my little girl beam with happiness on stage.

 Singing all by herself.

It's all down to you and your wonderful team. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. She has loved every moment of this year with u all, and will most definitely be back next year. 

Check out these GWYA anthems!

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