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As rewarding as being a mum can be, we know from our own experience that it can also be isolating, lonely and frustrating. Especially for young mums.
We often lose confidence and struggle to think about what else there is, or can be to life.

This programme for young mums helps build self belief, develop skills and introduce networks that can help you to work out your next steps. Be that employment, education, enterprise, training, volunteering etc. 

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"Meeting different people with similar stories was amazing, I went from feeling very alone to feeling like I had an extended family! A family of support and no judgement!"


"Step by step I discovered or rather rediscovered myself again. I changed the way how I think about myself and about my personal needs."

"MTM helped me understand and accept that I can, and I have right to be more than mum."

To read Monika's story click here

To read Georgia's story click here



"I was able to consider options that I hadn’t considered before. For instance self-employment..."

"...I started thinking more about volunteering as well. I've now got options of people that I can contact"

To listen to the whole clip click here


"It was hard even going to the first one, because I don’t like going anywhere new, but I went, and I loved it! She made you feel welcome, and it was just amazing."

"I think everybody, every young mum in Ipswich should get the opportunity to get it. I’m like Willy Wonka, with the golden ticket, I've got it and I'm running with it! And ill always know that Kim's behind me helping me."


To listen to the whole clip click here

Check out our mums doing a confidence catwalk!

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