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"I met Kim before More Than Mum. I was lucky and did Woman to Woman Radio and later some Digital Media English class and she mentioned about MTM and encouraged me to join. I thought why not because my children grew up and became more independent. I started to think about looking for job. I was a long-term volunteer and I really enjoy this part of my life, but I had to be realistic because bigger children means bigger needs. In the beginning I had a lot of doubts and one big question in my head “Can I be more than mum?” and few smaller “what happen if I can?”, “what I want to do in my life?”, “who I am?”. All this question found an answer or went in completely different direction. 

I started my MTM sessions in strange time when everything was so unsure. We didn’t know what will bring next, what kind of new restrictions but we still enjoyed spending time together. Step by step I discovered, or rather rediscovered myself again. I changed the way I think about myself and about my personal needs. Of course, my children, my family in general always will be first place but at the same time I learned to identify my needs, my strengths, and my skills. I wrote a letter to myself which I received 6 months later, and I couldn’t believe how different a person I am.


Kim just showed me a way, a way to myself. It was a boost in my confidence and looking for a job stopped to be just a wish, but it became a real plan. Following MTM I had mentoring sessions with huge support in my plan. Result of those session is my employment now because I couldn’t apply for my job without help, without support, without this trust in me, my skills and knowledge. Not only big things stayed with me, because I’m still using relaxation techniques especially box breathing which helps to calm down stressful situations and it gives me time to look for the best solutions. MTM helped me understand and accept that I can, and I have right to be more than mum."

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