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Our team is dedicated to inspiring the successful females of the future by introducing them to successful, talented and creative women of today.

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Kim Trotter

CEO & Facilitator 

A fully-qualified teacher and facilitator and an instinctive coach, I have been working with young people and adults for the past 20 years to help them achieve their goals and transform their lives.


I have always rallied against inequality and have been interested in women’s rights and, after designing and piloting a programme to support young mums in the local community to get back into work, education or training, I was compelled to create a business that could support women and girls to achieve their full potential.

My teaching days were spent at Suffolk New College where I was head of Media; my love of that subject (particularly radio), and my time working and presenting on BBC Radio Suffolk, has helped me to design creative, exciting programmes that can engage, enthuse, develop and transform.

Running programmes at South Street Studios and in the community, means that Future Female Society can help women and girls of all ages, across all social spectrum's and from all backgrounds. The result: a future that is free of inequality.

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Angelle Joseph

Facilitator of GWYA

I am a facilitator for Girls, Where you At? as well as an artist, community worker, BBC radio presenter and music enthusiast.


My passion lies within supporting young people and encouraging them to find their voice and share their stories whether that’s through music, radio or getting involved in projects.


I have worked to support young people for over 10 years and been working in media for 4. I've presented with BBC Suffolk, Norfolk, Radio 1, 1xtra and 6Music as well as supported organisations across the country to encourage diversity and  equality. 

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Lucie Halley-Trotter

Facilitator of GWYA

I’m one of the facilitators for GWYA helping out on Tuesdays, I also run my own activewear company with 10 years design experience in New York and London.


I’m passionate about sustainability, I love meeting new people, visiting new places and love to paint in my spare time.


I love coming to GWYA as the girls give me so much energy. I love watching the confidence grow within the girls from each session, it’s so rewarding and beautiful to see.

Jade MayJean

Facilitator of GWYA

I am one of the facilitators for GWYA. For me the group is paramount in supporting and educating our youth of today. Giving them a chance to learn new skills and engage in new experiences. I wish that there were projects available such as those that FFS offer back when I was a teenager. 

My weekly role includes supporting children within their education placement. I am passionate about delivering sessions that improve a child’s awareness of their own Mental health and building their self-esteem and confidence. 

I am a qualified Youth Mental Health Instructor which enables me to support children, young people and the wider community, and up-skill other professionals in becoming Mental Health First Aiders.  

My hobbies include singing, songwriting and performing. Music overall has many benefits on peoples lives. I personally enjoy being able to express myself and having a sense of escapism.




I am a volunteer for Girls Where You At and I’m also a single mum to a beautiful boy.. 


I love being part of Girls Where You At is as it is a community that encourages women & young girls to be more confident and to learn so much! There are so many positive opportunities that are available to the young girls part of the group and even as a volunteer there have also been great opportunities for myself too. Girls Where You At is an amazing group to be apart of.

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Digital Marketing

I am a recent graduate with passions and interests in music, science, art, nature  & environmentalism, travelling, feminism and community/social action!

I am the digital marketing and communications assistant for Future Female Society. I am always posting on our social media pages, updating this website and designing/promoting our events, programmes and workshops. You also might see me behind the scenes at our events holding a camera :)


I love everything that FFS stands for, it's an organisation that helps women and girls reach their full potential. In a world where women and girls often feel under-confident and under-valued, the work that FFS does is so important. We are truly helping to make the world a better and more equal place.

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