We're always looking to partner with organisations in running our workshops and programmes. If you'd like to talk to us about running a programme, or offering financial support, we'd love to hear from you. 
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Our team at Girls, Where you At? ran EmpowerHer last year, in partnership with UK Youth and The Red Cross. During the project, they looked at a range of topics including period poverty and destigmatising periods, mental health and wellbeing, identity and neurodiversity and skills sharing with our GWYA alumni Grace.
The girls also attended role models events organised by UK Youth, exploring writing skills and media representation and wellbeing. The girls decided their final social action project would be a zine called Feminize. Where they spoke about many topics, such as anxiety, body positivity and sexism in school. If you want to read Feminize then click here.

Click here to read Lacey's experience with EmpowerHer

GWYA? Chantry Academy 2021:

GWYA ran a 4 week project at Chantry Academy in June 2021. They worked with an amazing group of young women to create a radio show, looking at how women are portrayed in the media!
After the workshop the girls felt that their communication skills and confidence were higher than before the workshop. They also had more confidence in their ability to achieve their goals and enjoyed working with others more!
According to our questionnaire, the girls felt the sessions were interesting and useful (4.8/5). They also felt confident about using knowledge they learned from the session and wanted to tell others what they had learned (4.8/5). They also agreed that they got what they wanted out of the workshop (4.7/5) and were motivated to do more (4.8/5).